Complete services from proof-making to mass productionw

one-stop service

The company's clothing production business is mainly engaged in the production of high quality knitwear and plain sportswear, providing a complete service from proofing to production for customers all over the world.Based on the perfect resources of the textile chain, the one-stop service process from raw materials to fabrics to garments guarantees customers the quality of products during the production, eliminating any kind of imperfections at any stage.
Pei Sen focuses on producing high quality products, using professional manufacturing technology, accurate accounting, optimizing resources allocation, minimizing production fabric costs, and reducing procurement costs for customers.
It provides a rapid supply chain management system, a supply of stable raw materials, a complete logistics management system, and a rigorous computerized management.
With regard to professional technical processes and advanced production equipment, Pei Sen guarantees a high standard of quality for customers all over the world and a quick delivery of garment products.