Yarns and Fabrics

Pei Sen offers a complete continuous supply service for yarns and fabrics. Since the beginning of its business, it has always focused on adapting to the needs of the market in yarn production, to ensure at the source a detailed control of the fabric quality, transforming each product into a perfect artwork.We rigorously select external suppliers and we also produce personally with devotion and honesty.With a solid management system and a rigorous supplier evaluation mechanism, we are able to constantly optimize and select each item.Through automated self-owned factory construction, the introduction of world-class production equipment and natural raw materials that respect the environment, we produce every item with care, paying attention to the functionality and style of the products. The use of modern technology combined with traditional textile craftsmanship create a perfect fusion of fashion and functionality that injects vitality into clothing.

  • Various Types of Polyester and Nylon
  • Cotton, polyester, rayon, blended yarns and filament yarns.
  • Various specifications of nylon thickness including raw silk, semi-light silk, triangular yarn, etc.
  • Various specifications of cotton, such as fine, semi-excellent, etc.
  • Various specifications of polyester yarns, including silk for fiber processing, raw silk, fire retardant, spray spraying, shaping, etc.
  • Original and warp knitted fabrics, simple fabrics, including dyeing (single jersey, double jersey, fleece, mesh, etc.
  • 100% cotton and mixed fabric.
  • Cotton, rayon, ribbed fabric, etc.
  • Dyeing and color printing in polyester.
  • Denier fabric in different weights and colors.
 antibacterial effect
 quick-drying effect
 moisture permeability
 flame retardant effect
 UV resistance