About Pei Sen

“The world's leading company in garment supplying,
production and manufacturing”
Founded in 1994, Pei Sen has been for 25 years focusing on clothing function and aesthetic improvement. For 25 years, Pei Sen has been focusing, dedicating, and professionally supplying fashion aesthetics garments.
With its continuous search for fashion sports functions, an innovative thinking, professional technology systems and a rigorous management, it overcomes all the barriers to creating a functional aesthetic in the field of fashion.

Chic sport performance

After 20 years of continuous development and starting from gauze production, Pei Sen has created a basic branch of production of raw materials, becoming one of the largest vertically integrated suppliers of mid-stream and downstream apparel products which primarily include yarns, fabrics, and garment manufacturing.

Through the integration of high quality resources and the expansion of business areas, Pei Sen is committed to creating a single base of raw garment materials and building a closed-loop industrial chain.

As a global raw material supply and garment manufacturing company, Pei Sen has so far opened branches in Indonesia, China and Taiwan, with around 1,300 employees worldwide. Yarn weaving and fabrics' sale covers Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and garment customers are among the world's most renowned clothing brands, which is at the heart of the OEM process.